Auraku Skin Solution is Now Available in Malaysia!

Hello Malaysia! ๐Ÿ™‚

For those of you who know me and my current beautiful face (lol), please know that it’s not always like this because back in 2014, I got this terrible acne attack in which it transformed me from an ugly duckling phase into this beautiful swan with still yet ugly personality. :p

Today, I’m glad to announce that my holy grail, Auraku Skin Solution is now available in Negeri Jiran. So for those of you who have got the same problem as I did 3 years ago, this might be a solution for you or your beloved! ๐Ÿ™‚


The Battle of Online Cabs in South East Asia: Uber, Grab or Go-Jek?

I remember getting lost in the city that I had never been before with the language that I barely spoke, hailing a cab to get me somewhere without knowing how to tell the driver about your destination could be really difficult. Nowadays, with the emergence of Uber and then some similar platforms, life is a whole lot easier!

In the past few years, I get used to traveling around South East Asia and the existence of these platforms are so handy at times.

From my home country Indonesia to Uncle Ho’s Vietnam, I gotta say Uber, Grab and Go-Jek are applications that I would not delete from my phone as long as they operate. But which one is the best amongst the three?

Hard to tell, but everything has its perks so stay tuned! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Not So Thrilled at Penang Hill

Last year, I was still on probation in April and the situation forced me to just stay in Penang for 2 days for Sya’s wedding as I was asked to be one of her bridesmaids. But since it was my first time in Penang, I thought that I still had to go somewhere that was not just the wedding to see what’s in there.

So this classic rookie who barely knows how to read a map eventually made some mistakes on her first visit in Penang. So I booked the hostel around the downtown and after talking to this cute girl who was my Uber driver, she told me that I should have booked a hotel around Little India as places to visit can be reached by walking distance.

However, being positive as I rarely am (lol), I decided that maybe it’s just a sign to revisit Penang someday to see more parts of the city.


Tracing Back In Time: Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone (DMZ Tour)

By the time I arrived in Hue, I couldn’t decide whether I would stop in Hoi An or just go straight to Ho Chi Minh City as I chose to cancel my booking at this homestay in Hoi An. For some reason, I got trapped into this situation of being both indecisive and spontaneous traveler at the same time when I got to Hue.

I was lucky that I stayed at Sunny Fine Guesthouse and I had Toan to consultย in order to seek the second opinion to consider. As I spoke to Toan, he suggested me to join DMZ Tour and still go to Hoi An instead of going to Ho Chi Minh City.

I was hesitant to go to Hoi An as I wanted to go to Chu Chi Tunnel, which could take the whole day from HCMC. And according to Toan, DMZ tour is highly recommended as I would be able to see tunnels too. And even more sentimental as I will be able to see the border between North and South Vietnam which was once established to divide both areas during the war.

You see, I’m the kind of traveler who always gets emotional when it comes to sentimental stuff. Like I could freak out just by the idea of being in two places at the same time. So just like that, my doubt disappeared and I decided to go for DMZ tour!


Bangka Island: The Underrated Island with A Rather Sad Story Behind Its Beauty

I think it is not strange at all when asked about the beautiful island in Indonesia, people would answer Bali for the question.

However, as someone who’s never been to Bali before and claimed as a beach lover, I have to say that whenever I go to any beach area in Indonesia, the excitement is pretty much alike. It doesn’t matter in which part of Indonesia the place is.

Those who might have read my post about Yogyakarta could see how beautiful the beaches are in the central part of Java. I am still yet to visit Bali, but then allow me to introduce the beauty of another island in Indonesia: Bangka Island.

Bangka Island is rarely chosen as a holiday destination even for local Indonesian tourists. When we, especially those who live in Java, heard about Bangka, we would correlate it with a local dish called martabakย instead of it being a place to go for vacation.

Bangka lies in the eastern part of Sumatra, in which it is a part of Bangka-Belitung Island province. From the capital city of Jakarta, it takes only around 45 minutes to get there by flight. Quite close, yet it seems that Bangka doesn’t have enough reason to attract Jakartans to go there for holiday. So in this post, I’ll give you some.


A Few Reasons To Like Jakarta

I hate Jakarta.

Honestly, I could barely mention any reason why I should like Jakarta.ย I hate the city and no one likes traffic jam. And needless to say, the traffic in Jakarta is pretty much the worst in the world. Don’t even start with the weather, because humidity gets me cranky so I often get into the worst mood ever everytime I have to go out in the city.

I had to think twice before I decided to relocate to Jakarta, but even now that I’ve lived here for more than a year, I still barely have a reason to like the city.

The traffic kills me slowly. I had some friend telling me that there is no way the traffic here is worse than in KL, I just smiled politely until she came down to Jakarta and experienced the traffic on her own. Guess who’s laughing now? :p

So in this post, I’m not gonna give you any tips on how to like Jakarta as I’m still searching the reason myself, but then if you’re planning to have a short layover in J-town, I can assure you to still be able to have a good experience exploring the city. Here’s how.


DateHacks: 4 Favorite Dating Apps According to A Serial Dater

*Disclaimer: this post is only based on personal experience. Hence, personal opinion all over.ย 

I am a hopeless romantic who have tried a lot of dating apps throughout my 20s.ย Honestly, there were times in my life where I downloaded some random dating app just for the sake of boredom. Some led to disappointment, while other actually worked and led to a freaking good date, if not to an effin’ real romance.

Currently, I no longer have any dating app on my phone but then againย I had used a fewย of them to fluently tell you the difference about one among the others. Do I have a sad life? No, not really. That’s why I’m here for you, buddies… To tell you stories. :p

The list of dating apps that I will write on this post is solely based on my experience only, and here I will write the apps that I like the most.

Why? Check this out!