About Ransel Ungu


What is Ransel Ungu – A BeauTravel Blog?

In Indonesian, which is my mother tongue, ransel ungu means purple backpack.

BeauTravel itself is more like a term I created as I got the idea to start this project. Taken from 3 (three) basic words that are kind of essential for me: Beauty, Travel and Beau.

This Ransel Ungu – A BeauTravel Blog will be the platform whereby I can share with you all my beauty and travel essentials and experience in general.

Meanwhile, to spice things up a little, being a single lady in her late 20s, I am still struggling to find the potential beau. So that’s that.

Why do I choose Ransel Ungu as my blog name?

I decided to choose Ransel Ungu for my blog name as I have a legendary backpack that I always take with me during my travel.

Why legendary? Because I have shared a lot of life stories with this backpack.

Bought when I was in the 4th grad, yet the relationship between me and this backpack is still going strong. For those who think I’m not a loyal person, think again. 😉

When did I start my life journey with Ransel Ungu – A BlogTravel Blog?

Blogging has been my hobby for as long as I remember. I started blogging since I was in junior high school, from the crappy livejournal to the then-so-exciting multiply. Since I was in the university, I have been blogging on tumblr too.

Until recently, I only use my tumblr account for whenever and whatever I want to write.

Started with my ‘depression’ towards my 9-to-6 job, I decided to create another blog with more vivid concept that could help me to focus on the content while hopefully enable me to get opportunities to work on some projects more related to my passion.

Where did you get the idea of Ransel Ungu? And who inspires you?

Out of sudden my Mom was really amazed when she noticed how long this purple backpack has been with me. She was like, “Oh my god, this backpack is like what? A teenager?”

And then I realized that this backpack has been with me all along. From the day I wanted a Kipling bag just because some of my friends had it, the day I got my heart broken for the first time, until recently I decided to go to Bangkok for my 28th birthday trip.

This Ransel Ungu has been through a lot. Hence, the name of my blog.

How does it work with Ransel Ungu – A BeauTravel Blog?

Ransel Ungu – A BeauTravel Blog is a combination of personal and professional contents.

Mostly, I will share what I have experienced through my traveling story or the review of beauty product that I have used. In the future, I am also eyeing more opportunities to work with external parties through paid promote, product review, and other potential partnership for this blog’s development.

For those interested, please do not hesitate to contact me.