Auraku Skin Solution is Now Available in Malaysia!

Hello Malaysia! 🙂

For those of you who know me and my current beautiful face (lol), please know that it’s not always like this because back in 2014, I got this terrible acne attack in which it transformed me from an ugly duckling phase into this beautiful swan with still yet ugly personality. :p

Today, I’m glad to announce that my holy grail, Auraku Skin Solution is now available in Negeri Jiran. So for those of you who have got the same problem as I did 3 years ago, this might be a solution for you or your beloved! 🙂



(Left) my face back in 2014 with acne attack and whatnot; (Right) my current self.

So happy to get in touch with Syikin to spread the good news. As a proud mojang priangan, it’s so great to know that currently Auraku is already KKM-certified in Malaysia.

I’ve been a loyal customer of Auraku and I could assure you that this product has solved all my skin problems with affordable price.

For further information, please check @hqauraku or Syikin’s facebook here.

Cheerio! 😉


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