Introducing: BeautiQ – South East Asia

Hello beautravelers! 😀

SEA Games 2017 just started a few days ago and a lot of dramas already happened, especially those between my home country, Indonesia and the host of the event, Malaysia.

First, the huge error of Malaysia putting Poland’s flag in the booklet instead of ours and later today, I read the news about Indonesia’s sepak takraw team who chose to walk out in the halfway through the game against Malaysia.

I’ve posted a picture of myself during SEA Games 6 years ago for a joke, but it seems to me some of my Malaysian friends gave me this mixed response in which I don’t understand whether they took things seriously or they simply clapped back with sarcasm.

So, although I was planning to introduce this later this month, since the feud between Indonesia and Malaysia in South East Asian Games 2017 has been kind of hot, as a starter slash an entrepreneur, I am excited to introduce you to my new baby: BeautiQ – South East Asia.


8 Types of Traveler That I’ve Encountered During My Travel

Hello beautravelers!

It’s been awhile since the last time I traveled, hence the absence of posting travel-related contents. However, I’m planning for my next travel since it’s gonna be my first leisure/business travel due to the fact that I recently quit my job to start my own business. Yeay for me!

Anyway, after quite some time getting a bit deadlock when it comes to write a content about traveling, today I got this idea to talk about 8 types of traveler that I’ve met during my travel so far thanks to being partly-unemployed that I got a little too much time to check out the old pics and reminisce the good ol’ traveling days.

Well, so which one of these traveler categories are you? 😉


RIP Chester Bennington (1976-2017)

I just finished shower to get ready for work when I checked Instagram and found some post and instastories of Chester Bennington’s death 2 days ago. It was shocking. But not really.

I’m not a huge fan of Linkin Park, but I couldn’t deny the fact that I grew up with their music in my adolescence period. I bought at least 2 Hybrid Theory’s cassettes (yes, they were literally in the cassette version!), both with and without My December in the bonus track version.


Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

Hello beautravelers!

I don’t always go to the movie, but when I do… It’s Spider-Man Homecoming! 😀

As a fan of Spider-Man, I’ve got a lot to say about the Homecoming movie since I’ve been waiting for quite some time after getting disappointed by the whole Amazing Spider-man. Bare in mind, SPOILER ALERT!!!


Review: Brun Brun Matte Creme Mini Lipstick Set 2 & 3

Recently, a new store opened around my apartment. And surprisingly, they sell make-up and accessories in such affordable price and excellent quality!

For people like me who easily get distracted by lipstick even though I probably have a lipstick in similar shade back home, this store is paradise. It’s called Brun Brun Paris, and despite the brand has Paris on it, they actually claim as a platform to nurture local communities and provide french inspired design in their goods.

After some research, I’ve found out that their manufacturer is PT. Sophie Paris Indonesia. The name might ring the bell for some of you, but for those who aren’t familiar with Brun Brun Paris, then this one’s for you! 🙂


How To Stay Stunning When You’re Actually A Broke Traveler

Today, I just had a conversation with my high school friend and she told me that maybe I should post some tips and tricks about how to look great even when I’m broke during my travel. And honestly, it was a great idea since I kinda ran of ideas to write on this blog.

Before I start, this might not be the usual tips to travel for some female travelers but I’m quite sure this could be suitable for some others.

I know there are some people out there who will associate girls (especially those female solo travelers) on the road with girls who don’t give a fuck about their look.

The truth is, not all of us enjoy carrying backpack and sharing room with others.

Some of us, we want to have some space for us to do our make-up to feel good about ourselves. Even better, if we can also find some potential guys to date on the road.

So if you don’t mind to take things a little extra along with your humble lifestyle under the cover, this one is for you!


What’s In Between 9-to-5 Job and Traveling?

During my travel, I’ve met a lot of travelers who left their job to be a digital nomad and earn their money from either their business or their ability to work remotely with the help of internet connection.

As someone who has to work a 9-to-5 job for a living, at times I feel like I want to have that kind of life until I had a random conversation with Christine, my traveling partner in Sa Pa whose life is pretty much similar to mine.

Except better for her, since she works as a teacher who deals with children every day most of the time. Unlike me who has to deal with a boss who gives me a hard time on the daytime with clients who are hesitant to decide this and that.

Then, what’s in between 9-to-5 job and traveling?